8 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Is So Important in 2021

1: Mobile and Tablets have taken over

In 2020 mobile traffic skyrocketed. Over 50% of search traffic came from mobile and tablet devices. In 2021 that traffic is estimated to grow to over 70%.  So what does this mean for your website? Well, if your website is not responsive that puts you at a huge disadvantage to your competitors who are.

2: Google has recommended it.

Google have mentioned that mobile responsiveness is a major factor in ranking your website in it's search results. There are even tools by Google themselves that we can use to make sure our websites are 100% mobile and tablet friendly.

3: Search engine optimisation

4: Increase Conversion Rate of Your Website

Responsive websites allow you to serve your customers with content that is consistent across platforms. Be it desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, the look and the feel of the site remains same. This consistency of content across platforms and devices enhances the User Experience of your site, this leads to an increased conversion rate and provides you with an edge over your competitors with low user experience.

5: Get Your Business Boosted by Google

Google is built for users – to provide users with an easy and clutter-free platform to surf the web; it explores and analyses its consumer behaviour and changes its search and SEO ranking algorithms accordingly. Getting a responsive website for your business, not only places your business in Google’s good books but, also provides you with ample opportunities to connect with your customers better.

6: Improve Mobile Search Engine Visibility

The search engine visibility of your business website depends on your SEO activities and how your business site appears in Google search results.  There are some factors like response time, mobile friendliness, bounce rate, social acceptance and duplicity that always remain in Google’s priority list. People are moving towards mobile technology; according to Statista, more than fifty per cent of the total internet traffic generated comes from mobile phones.

7: Increases Credibility of Your Business Website

Bounce Rate tells you the percentage of people who visit your website, have a look and then exit it immediately, if your website is not showing correctly on a mobile or tablet device this will send your visitors back out just as quickly as they arrived. Having a high bounce rate can drastically decrease your search rankings on Google.

8: Generate Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Responsive websites with their mobile responsiveness, low bounce rate, effective social media networking, reduced response time, builds credibility and authority among your peers and consumers, helping you to generate quality backlinks.